Every corporation aspires for expansion, success and acquiring a broader segment and a larger market share, however, the business entity is always hindered by a plenty of procedures, lack of trained staff and required expertise, in addition to the role of strategic planning, and here comes 


Who are we?

Ertqaa is a company of proficiency, which seeks corporate leadership and provides business solutions based on accurate scientific analysis. We aim at developing emerging, established and existing companies, depending on the distinguished expertise and ambition of our team to provide a breakthrough in the field of business support and services.


To be your corporate trusted support services group known for leading business in the local and international markets. We are keen on serving our customers through providing top-notch service with the ultimate quality, efficiency and effectiveness”


“Focusing on our clients requirements to develop an advanced work environment and elevated human resources services based on innovative solutions and techniques. In addition, we stick to standardized practices while selecting talents, working on operations etc…to make sure we are continuously enriching the workplace with great people filled with greater passion.